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Deluge at Devil’s Night makes memorable celebration

With a quarter-century of legendary parties behind you, the only thing to do when the skies open up on your big bash is to dance between the raindrops.

That’s what the gang at the Gentlemen of the Garden’s annual Devil’s Nightdid. They danced between the raindrops.

“I wouldn’t really call them drops,” said longtime GOGger Jonathan Cameron-Hayes of Saturday night’s tropical deluge at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. “More like a hose.

“But,” he said, “those are the parties you remember long after they’ve passed.”

Bob Eigelberger, who is one of the group’s remaining founders and is (somewhat) respectfully referred to as “The GOGfather,” was chairman of the Devil’s Night blowout.

The evening began with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and the eyeballing of costumes, ranging from the mildly clever to the appallingly funny. Nothing sacred with this bunch.

After cocktails, the night continued with a buffet dinner, music and the aforementioned dancing and dousing.

Hey, at least it was only the skies that opened up. This was Devil’s Night, after all. It could have been the ground.

More than 170 people attended.

Proceeds benefit the charitable endeavors of The Gentlemen of the Garden, a nonprofit organization founded by the late Jim Butler more than 25 years ago to raise money to help restore the grounds of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. Since then, it has donated more than $1 million to environmental, horticultural and beautification projects.

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